Concert I Can’t Go To: LOLLAPALOOZA

Music festivals are a fabulous idea until you realize that you are being fucked by living somewhere that is not within a day’s driving distance or without the wherewithal to pull off the logistics to be there an alternate way. Now I know festivals for the common person are not luxurious or accommodating by any means – there’s dirt, heat, hippies, and trash piles that you try to avoid with the stealth of a fighter jet tilting through a narrow alley in a canyon. But, you go. You’re there because there are bands playing who are your favorites and for those 45 fleeting minutes that you are within earshot and can squint your eyes enough to match the them to their YouTube videos – it’s worth it.

This weekend it’s LOLLAPALOOZA in Chicago and I am writing, with love, from Florida. Thanks to the magic that is this Internet, the concert will be broadcast live all weekend. (Now if a music promoter can figure this out, why can’t NBC do this with the Olympics? Oh yeah, a BILLION dollars is in the way.)

Here’s the link:

Personally looking forward to Metric, The Afghan Wigs, The Shins, and Wale. (That’s just for Friday.) Don’t get me started on the Gaslight Anthem/Of Monsters & Men/At The Drive-In triple header come Sunday.

Until then, clutching my computer for a good chunk of the weekend in bed with no pants on won’t distract too far from life as usual. But, at least this time around I can do so while hanging out with Washed Out and Bloc Party (playing Saturday).


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