Justin Timberlake Fake Out in the FUN. Music Video “Some Nights”

The first time I saw the video for “Some Nights” by the band Fun., I did a weird combination of a scream and gasp because my eyes were telling me that Justin Timberlake was dressed as a Civil War soldier in a supporting role for a random band. I mean, it didn’t make that much sense but maybe JT was a secret fan or really liked American history? Lost a bet? Who knows and how can I find out?!

See for yourself:

When I calmed down,  I got in touch with as many friends as I could to ask if their eyes saw the same thing. When everyone hit me back with an enthusiastic “YES!”, it meant two things: I am not that crazy and I can wait to schedule my next optomotrist appointment.

A few Google searches later, I could not find a cast list for this video, but in this article for MTV News, band member Jack Antonoff said “Probably about 90 percent of [the extras] are actual, real Civil War re-enactors”. So if this is indeed NOT Justin Timberlake (sad face), WHO is this guy? Doppleganger for the win!

Then I watched the video, again and again, holding my heart. It’s… just so close.


See for yourself:


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