Can’t Stop Spinning: The Forever EP by Haim

When you have a best friend, often times you’ll get asked “How did you guys meet?” and before you get in to it you let out a little laugh because it’s a funny story and this is how I feel about the band Haim, my new music BFF. I heard about them a little over a week ago because Jonah Hill tweeted about them and I have not, can’t stop, and won’t stop listening to them. Their EP Forever only has 4 songs on it (and one of those is a remix). An unscientific breakdown:

“Better Off” – Oh, the harmonies! A gentleman did them wrong and looking back, they’re fed up and realizing they are better than that. Go ‘head girl! A song you can clap and snap to alongside some serious white girl swag.

“Forever” – Dance party jam. Sounds like they’re still mad at the guy, but this is much more upbeat than the previous track. They’re thinking about getting back together with the heartbreaker but deep down they know it’s t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

“Go Slow” – This is the slow and sexy ballad. (Oh no, was there a slip back to visitations with the guy that did them wrong? They said they were over him before and now it’s all about “the heat, heat, heat” and oh gosh these questions are why I have been listening to the same three songs on repeat 90% of the time I’m at my 9-5 job.)

“Forever – Dan Lissvik Remix” – After party jam. This must be what the flashbacks of the hook-up implied in “Go Slow” were like.

Anyways, the band seems like their on their way to famousness. The were featured in the New York Times yesterday and are going on tour with Mumford & Sons. That is not a bummer Summer. (Hey ladies, take me with you? You can put me in charge of your caboodles.)

Thanks, Jonah!


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