Killer Mike Has SWAG With A Purpose

Killer Mike is a successful rapper with a lot of swag, except it’s not just a saying for him. Let me introduce you to Graffitis SWAG Shop, a barber shop based out of Atlanta, GA that is run by Killer Mike and his wife Shana Render. At this shop, “SWAG” is an acronym for Shave, Wash, and Groom; “Graffitis” refers to leaving with a new cut and style, your own personal graffiti.

This isn’t just a business endeavor for Killer Mike, the barber shop is positioning itself to be a positive beacon in the community and open eyes that being a barber is a career path that offers flexibility, professionalism, and with the plans Graffitis SWAG has for growth – unlimited potential.

Should I become a barber now? I should become a barber now.

What really got my attention was in an interview with NPR, Killer Mike brought up his barber shop with a follow-up of “if you ever get off the airport, come and get your eyebrows arched or something”. He also had some very insightful and uplifting words to describe his venture into the business, but honestly, he had me at eyebrows. If you knew what I had to deal with on my forehead, you would not only understand but offer me the sympathy of a hundred Hallmark cards.

I can’t wait for a rap verse somewhere in the future about hot shaves or Barbicide. Seriously though, you got to applaud a man (and his family) for choosing to undertake the labor of starting a new business and inspiring a neighborhood over buying a new whip or spending it in 439 other ways. Props!

Now go get your head did, put this in your GPS to find the way: 3461 Roosevelt Hwy Suite 16, Atlanta, GA 30349.


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