President Obama, His Beer, and The Bees

As if I needed another reason to want to hang out with the First Family, word spread today that President Obama has a White House Home Brew that’s prepared by chefs on-site. To sweeten the deal, honey from a bee hive in Michelle Obama’s garden on the White House South Lawn is used in the booze.

Let’s just try to comprehend this together: the White House has their own BEER and BEES. Other things that we know are that it comes in a light and dark ale, it’s bottled, the President takes it with him on the campaign trail, and it is not paid for by tax payers – the family covers that tab.

Mitt Romney can’t have any either. Not because the President Obama won’t share (I’m sure he would), Romney doesn’t drink because he is Mormon.

Did I just get political? Let’s bring it back to the basics: BEER.


One thought on “President Obama, His Beer, and The Bees

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