Best Beyonce Video That Doesn’t Have Dancing: “I Was Here”

Well, Beyonce has done it again with the video for “I Was Here”, a track off her 2011 album 4. What makes this music video stand above all the rest is that it’s in honor of the United Nations “World Humanitarian Day” that encourages people to “Do something good, for someone somewhere else”. This leads to an edit that mixes footage of tragedy and triumph from around the world with shots of Bey looking (Sasha) fierce on the UN stage and scenes that look like she’s in space.

Just hanging out in the sky.

Welp, now she is in SPACE.

Space is alright but what would make it better is PEOPLE HOLOGRAMS IN SPACE.

No worries about getting lost in space, you can drop a pin on it.

You’ll have to see the video for yourself coming up, but just a preview that people LOVE it.

Especially this audience member.

Let’s just stray from the uplifting message for a moment because DAYUM.


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