Select Moments from “Korean Drummer Steals The Show”

This video will make you dig deep and ask yourself fundamental life questions about passion, percussion, and whether you will age with grace. If you have not met him yet, Kwon Soon Keun is a Korean drummer who performs in a cover band. (Bear with me. Rawr!)

Before you meet Mr. Kwon, meet his band. They’re classy.

Then we meet the rhythm section. Seems typical, right? Well, he’s just warming up.

Mr. Kwon, what is that face you are making at the camera? The bassist looks like he’s kind of hungry.

Mr. Kwon is really starting to feel it and throws his hands in the air. Bassist is probably wondering what’s for dinner.

Mr.Kwon must be noticed! He is in his ’70s with a whole head of white hair and a matching suit to boot! Meanwhile, the bassist tries to forget about his hunger or that his drummer looks like the Colonel from the buckets of chicken at KFC which is unfair because that just makes him more ravenous.

I call this one “Reaching for the Stars and/or Your Dreams”. The bassist considers having leftovers for dinner to save some money.

The beginning of the end of Mr.Kwon’s standing opus drumo solo. Bassist calculates if he goes to a drive-through restaurant on the way home it wouldn’t be spending that much money and could avoid warming up whatever is in his fridge.

Mr. Kwon is having the best day EVER. The bassist finally acknowledges the bittersweet cacophony going on behind him since he can’t figure out what he wants to eat after their gig.

Mr. Kwon? I lah you.

Here you go:


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