Trails & Ways Has Taken Me Down a Smooth Jams Black Hole

I am by no means even going to try to sound like a hipster music blogger right now, but I just want to say that Trails & Ways is one of the best new bands I’ve heard in 2012. Nunca makes me want to wear feathers in my hair and go hiking and Instagram a bunch of photos of nature.

Earlier this week Spotify suggested I listen to their new single, Sure Thing, and now I want to stop hiking and just make out in a thunderstorm while listening to this song on repeat.

BUT THEN I found out that Sure Thing is actually a cover of a song by an R&B singer named Miguel, so I downloaded that version and now would like to listen to smooth jams all day long, please. The Smooth Jamz playlist has been created and it is a very intriguing work in progress that may or may not include The Weeknd, Usher, Frank Ocean, and ummmm … Ginuwine? So basically I’m spiraling out of control and I’m not sure I know who I am anymore. Help.

Thanks, Trails & Ways.


2 thoughts on “Trails & Ways Has Taken Me Down a Smooth Jams Black Hole

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