Song Improv: Radical Face “Ghosts” to A Day to Remember “A Downfall of Us All”

A collage representing the bands this version of Song Improv included: Radical Face, As Tall As Lions, A Day to Remember, The Sounds, and The Wonder Years
The co-creators of brunchcore are lucky enough to also be co-workers at a pretty awesome job and since we like listening and talking about music (shocking!), the other day we found ourselves in an impromptu game of song improv via iChat and links. The narrative was inspired by our conclusion that the Band of Horses record, Mirage Rock, may be too upbeat for what we are use to from them and prefer the portion of their discography that had to do with singing about ghosts. What started as a slow and sweet song soon turned into a hardcore sing-a-long after a few link swaps and this is how it happened:

Soorya: Radical Face – Ghost Towns

Amy: As Tall As Lions – Ghost of York

Soorya: Oh well played. You send an As Tall As Lions song about New York = lions are king of the jungle = We the Kings – The Secret to New York

Amy: Kings need Queens and Swedish ones are the best so this The Sounds – Queen Of Apology

Soorya: Expanding on the reign of royalty and the subject matter of forgiveness, The Wonder Years – I Was Scared and I’m Sorry

Amy: Seeing as how that record was called The Upsides it made me too happy so now I’m going opposite. A Day To Remember – The Downfall of Us All

There we have it! This may be more amusing to us but we had to document it somewhere.


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