Can’t Stop Spinning: Béatrice Martin “Wicked Games” (The Weeknd Cover)

This is a cover of The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games” interpreted by etherial Canadian beauty Béatrice Martin AKA Cœur de Pirate (That’s French for “Pirate Heart”). The song covers traditional subject matter such as ass, cash, and drugs while traversing the archetypal themes of seeking confidence, wanting love, and lowering one’s standards for a romantic companion.

If this cover song were a place, I’d take a short term leave of absence from work to move there because anywhere that is ruled by magical sounds that allows cursing is somewhere I want to stay for a while. (My imagination hasn’t decided yet if this dreamy destination would have wi-fi or not so hence why I would return back to real life.) Or I should just go to Canada since that is where both Béatrice Martin and The Weeknd AKA Abel Tesfaye hail from.

The original “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd:


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