We’re Not Worthy: Irish Kids Cover & Freestyle to Rihanna

Wait for it – at the one minute mark, the guitarist does a freestyle rap and I got hooked so hard I have spent the past hour listening to the tracks on his YouTube channel. He goes by the name of “HarriBoo” and according to his Facebook page he is 15 years old, has been rapping since he was “12 (going on 13)”, and summarizes his strife eloquently with “Just a Youngin trying to make it in the Game.”

No idea yet on who the other boy is that sings with such unique intonation that it combines an adorable accent along with the heartfelt emotion that can only come from a long day of being misunderstood at secondary school and the anticipation of waiting for your mum after futbol practice (just guessing by their track suits).

The singer isn’t in this photo but look how fresh Harriboo and his friends are! I just can’t take it. Is Urban Outfitters cheaper in Kildare, Ireland or is everyone cooler than me? Don’t answer that.

Bonus if you’re still following me: Here’s a freestyle from Harriboo that parallels his everyday life (going to school, hanging out) and his talent (making up rhymes, being stylish) with Muhammed Ali. His mixtape comes out soon which means he is more successful and productive than I’ll ever be at rapping. Sad / Happy for Him Face.


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