Can’t Stop Spinning: Now, Now

It’s only been 24 hours but I’ve decided that I have a crush on Cacie Dalager and the other two members of Minneapolis band Now, Now. They have the creepy, beautiful tones of Eisley but also still a really great rock sound underneath all of it. Plus, they have cat photos on their merch, which we are always fans of.

Put this one on your “Relationships are Stupid” playlist:

This paragraph is an open letter to the members of Now, Now: Thank you for making Threads. If you guys need a place to stay in Orlando you can have my guest room and then if you want you can play an impromptu show in my backyard. Also, we think you should tour with Tegan and Sara.

If you’re in Orlando, Now, Now are playing tonight at The Beacham with Jukebox the Ghost and Motion City Soundtrack (who also rule). They play first, so don’t be late and miss them like how I was last time they were in town (with The Naked and Famous). Buy tickets here.


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