Music That Made Us Feel, A Best Of 2012 List

Brunchcore Best Of 2012

Honestly I just want to give a great big giant shout out to Canada because they win music this year. Stars released yet another amazing record (The North) that I should really listen to more than I already do. I’m still suffering from partial hearing loss after seeing Japandroids this year and Celebration Rock makes me smile. The Weeknd is basically sex wrapped up into a three-disc set (Trilogoy). Grimes (Visions) is my spirit animal. Emily Haines (Metric, Synthetica) is a fairy princess from some magical part of Canada where sequins grow on trees. And although they didn’t release a new full-length this year, I finally fell in love with Tegan and Sara. Also, it would be wrong if I didn’t include the fact that I once listened to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” four times in a row to feel better after I lost a game at bowling league. Okay, here are the rest (non-Canadian) of my best-of’s:

Amy’s Picks:
The Gaslight AnthemHandwritten: Pure goodness.
Hit the LightsInvicta: Not one single bit of shame. At all. Pop punk forever.
Now, NowThreads: I love albums with reoccurring themes and the big one in this one is losing sleep over emotions. These songs have the best lyrics.
PinbackInformation Retrieved: Their first record in five years did not disappoint.
Purity RingShrines: Ambient and pretty and dreamy and sleepy.

And here a few other awards because this is (half) my list and I can do what I want:

Best Single from an Album that Will Come Out in 2013: Tegan and Sara, “Closer”

Best Single from an Album that Came Out in 2006: Acceptance, “Take Cover”

Best New Record from a Band That Broke Up in 2012: Daytrader, Twelve Years

Best Cover: Trails & Ways, “Sure Thing”

Best Song to Listen to While on a Swing Set: Passion Pit, “Take a Walk”

Best Smooth Jam That Wasn’t by the Weeknd: The xx, “Angels”

Best Farewell Tour: Thrice

Soorya’s Picks:
How to Dress WellTotal Loss: Lo-fi R&B from a nerdy white boy that sounds like a baby making choir.
The Jealous SoundA Gentle Reminder: These underground emo heroes came back after a long hiatus with an album that was recorded in the Foo Fighters studio.
DaughterThe Wild Youth: London trio with a female lead whose voice haunts my soul in the best way.
HaimForever EP: A few sisters with harmonies as beautiful as their long hair and four songs I listened to on repeat for two weeks nonstop in August. Here’s a dramatic review of the album.
MacklemoreThe Heist: He’s a ginger who went to college and can rap with such swiftness and style that it plain hurts my feelings because I will never deliver rhymes as well.

Soorya’s Superlatives:

Best Cover Song I Discovered in 2012: Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem singing Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up”. I mean.

Best Music Festival I Couldn’t Go To: Iceland Airwaves (Spotify Playlist)

Best Music Website Discovery: – Free, streaming playlists based on your mood.

Best Song to Have A Dance Party to During an Emotional Time: “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” by Stars


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