25 Questions About the Postal Service Reunion Announcement


It is not even 10am yet and we’ve already heard about an Rx Bandits reunion and a Postal Service probably reunion and what’s funny is that all of the stoners and sad kids who care about this news (except for us) are probably still sleeping. WAKE UP. THE WORLD IS CHANGING. Oh and hey Ben, we have a few questions for you.

1. Can you specify when in 2013?
2. Are you only playing Coachella?
3. How do you think that makes the East Coast feel?
4. Will there be new songs?
5. Will they be about Zooey?
6. Are you going to record a new album?
7. Will it be on limited edition vinyl?
8. Why did you say last year the Postal Service was never reuniting again?
9. Why are you a liar, Ben?
10. Did Zooey lie to you?
11. Did your solo album not sell as many copies you hoped it would?
12. Are you running out of money?
13. Why not just Death Cab?
14. How much is Coachella paying you for this?
15. You couldn’t get a .com?
16. Is this going to be a hologram performance?
17. Can we show you how to make  GIF so your splash page is more interesting?
18. Do you still so badly want to believe that there is truth and love is real?
19. Does the District Sleeping Alone Tonight have anything to do with you demanding  attention from us at the Internet?
21. Sorry that one wasn’t a question but how does that make you feel?
22. Do you still feel?
23. Why are you trying to steal Barack Obama’s spotlight? (And Rx Bandits but that’s probably a moot point.)
24. Was your New Years resolution for 2013 to cause hysteria and confusion?
25. Will you have an official Facebook page next?


One thought on “25 Questions About the Postal Service Reunion Announcement

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