Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem to Write Sad Songs by Himself

After following Brian Fallon on Twitter for the better part of 2012, we could have predicted the announcement he made late last night about his plans to start working on a solo record. He also shared that “some really amazing things and some really terrible things” happened to him last year and that was pretty obvious to us too because we are currently working on our PhD in “emotive expression via social media.” (Which, side note: Emo tweets are just fine and we’ve all been there, so don’t judge and if you can’t stand the proverbial emo tweet heat then get out of the kitchen or just stop following us on Twitter. Whatever. End rant.) Anyway, he emphasized that everything with his main squeeze, The Gaslight Anthem, is fine and since the band (understandably) is “gonna need a breather after this year of touring,” he will lay out his life in the form of song and verse, and for that, we applaud you.

We have our theories about what happened and when, but we know that Brian values his privacy so we won’t share our charts and graphs that include what YouTube video we first noticed something missing on his hand or how the cracks in his concrete heart grew a little more with every lyric tweet from a ’90’s adult contemporary rock song. (Shout out to The Wallfowers.)

Also, we know exactly what it’s like to go to a Hot Water Music show and come home, stay up way too late, and then make big life decisions and share them with the Internet. We’ve been there and we’re here for you always and forever, Brian. We can’t wait to hear your solo album and overanalyze all of your vague lyrics.

hot water music and brian fallon rolling stone

(Photo Credit)

Here’s Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), Brian Fallon, Frank Turner, and Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) doing an acoustic cover of the HWM classic “Trusty Chords.”


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