Can We Have $2,000 to go to Osheaga in Montreal?

We were going to make a Kickstarter for this (maybe), but somehow this blog plea feels more personal and direct. So listen. We need some money to go on a musical pilgrimage to the homeland that neither of us really have any right to call home but it feels like the homeland so we’ll call it that anyway: Canada. Montreal to be exact, for the Osheaga music festival in early August. We’ve already spent all of our money on other travel, grad school, rent, groceries, beer, student loans, a juicer, etc., so we’re in a bit of a bind.

Here, look at the lineup:

osheage lineup 2013, the cure, mumford and sons

This is important because The Cure is on one of our concert bucket lists, and New Order is on the other. Plus, Phoenix is amazing and French. And Tegan! and Sara! The Gaslight Anthem. Explosions in the Sky. Jimmy Eat World!

Also, I am learning French on Rosetta Stone so navigating the city won’t be an issue. (I am on Lesson 2, so I am practically fluent.) You’ll be contributing to my French education by providing me with this immersive learning experience. The other half of brunchcore is thinking about writing an e-book about the music industry, so this will be great research for her. So, think about it this way, you won’t just be giving us money, you’ll be sponsoring our studies.

Even more great news! Your $2,000 donation can be tax deductible. (I’ll figure out how that works later.) It will cover our plane tickets, our hotel, our ground transportation, our festival passes, and our whiskey. We’ll bring you back a magnet or a shot glass, your choice. We’ll also have a trophy made for you and we’ll send you iPhone photos of your favorite bands in your favorite Instagram filter. And if you really want, we can wear T-shirts with your face or business logo on them to further enhance this sponsorship. If we have any of the $2,000 leftover you can have it back. Because we’re very honest people.

So, sounds great, right? Serious inquiries can be sent to You look really nice today.


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