Mid-Week Rant: Cosmopolitan Lets You Vote “WANT/OMG/WTF” on Laura Jane Grace Living as a Transgender


That is a screen cap from a Cosmopolitan Magazine feature where Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of punk band Against Me!, describes in honest and delicate detail about her first year living as a transgender woman: from coming out to his wife and raising a daughter that calls her “Daddy” to the effects of hormone therapy and having a supporter in Joan Jett.

The story is beautiful, Cosmopolitan’s web template to let people vote “WANT, OMG, or WTF” on the article is disgusting. Granted, this template makes sense if the subject matter is what the magazine is used to writing about – blowjobs, braids, and handbags – then, by all means “WANT” or “WTF” away. But when it comes to someone being honest with themselves and sharing with the world that they were a boy that’s now a lady and everything will be fine, some sensitivity would be ideal. At least replace the “WTF” button to “WTG” (an Internet way of saying “way to go” or the closest thing to a high five).

Hey, Laura Jane Grace – WTG.


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