Can’t Stop Spinning: Kavinsky “Odd Look” featuring The Weeknd

kavinsky the weeknd odd look
Rumors and hopes have been high for almost the past two months, after French-Canadian R&B sad-song-singer The Weeknd (aka Abel Tasfaye) tweeted that French-French House really-into-movies DJ, Kavinsky (aka Vincent Belorgey), was a “genius.” He then replied with a playful, “haha please (cat kiss emoji).”

French DJs, they use emojis just like us!

kavinsky and the weeknd tweets

Fast forward to today and “Odd Look” remix featuring The Weeknd is here now:

“Odd Look” originally came out on Kavinsky’s OutRun that was released five months prior with female vocals practically murmuring under synths. After all, the beeps and bops are why we love the producer but the track before wasn’t the most outstanding on the record and was there more to contribute to the entire feel of the album. It lacked a certain, how do you say, “Je ne sais quoi?” Then, right on cue, enter The Weeknd who makes the remix more robust. His singing becoming the centerpiece of the song with the synths supplementing the storyline, the music a track to his roller coaster cart on a ride of seduction and insecurity.

Maybe it’s a French thing that makes this work so well, but whatever it is let’s hope these two collaborate again in the future….especially when The Weeknd sings lyrics that makes jaws and culottes* drop:

“I can teach you some French
Paperplanes full of kush, a couple cups full of gin
Don’t know what city I’m in, wake up and do it again
If you know me well, I don’t like to talk
But when I make a move, you know its loud as f-ck”


*”Culottes” is French for “panties.” What?


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