Dead Man’s Bones to Possibly Tour with The Gaslight Anthem. Please?

Brian Fallon has taken to Instagram to try and woo Ryan Gosling to get his band, Dead Man’s Bones, to hit the road with The Gaslight Anthem. If this happens, that is a lot of broody and babe sharing the same stage.

brian fallon on stage in the gaslight anthem
ryan gosling on stage in dead man's bones

So here’s how Brian is trying to get Ryan into his (tour) pants.

Brian Fallon to Ryan Gosling on Instagram %22Hey Girl%22
Then two days later, Brian tries again. I admire his persistence.

brian fallon to ryan gosling dead man's bones let's do it

At this rate, Brian should be stopping by Ryan’s house to say “Hey” because he was “just in the neighborhood” and sending edible arrangements because it tells someone special that not only are you thinking of them, but also you really care. For the sake of music fans and ladies’ loins everywhere, let’s hope this works out. If and when it does, my life could go into chaos because I may take a short term leave of absence from work and max out 29 credit cards to see every show. It’s not extreme because this is what you do when you FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Idea for tour support: 30 Seconds to Mars. They’re a serious rock band with dark vibes, and of course, Jared Leto.

30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto on Stage


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