In Defense (Or Something Like That) of Miley Cyrus

By now the Internet has been flooded with post-show coverage of last night’s Video Music Awards. We watched for NSYNC and NSYNC only, but to get to that two minutes of choreographed heart-stopping nostalgia, we first had to sit through Lady Gaga, Kanye “my family is a brand” West, a British boy band, their ex-girlfriend, and the infamous Miley Cyrus bonanza.

First off, in no way did we think anything would be more talked about this morning than that BEAUTIFUL NSYNC reunion (which, who noticed and laughed at that one moment where JC started singing nonsense at the end of “Bye Bye Bye” for no reason other than to remind everyone that he was also co-lead singer of that group, people), but somehow the Interweb this morning is all, Miley. MILEY. Miley!

There’s a lot of nonsense (22 Things Miley Looked Like at the VMAs ), a lot of hate, a lot of parental disapproval (literally from the Parents Television Council), a lot of jokes, and somehow there is even some  … uhh … social commentary on racism and self-identity in today’s society?

From The Guardian:

the guardian

And the best, from Vulture columnist Jody Rosen’s VMA’s Recap:



Okay, listen. Miley Cyrus is 20 years old and she has enough money to do what she wants so if she wants to dance half-naked on stage, she’s going to. THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT. It’s like no one has seen a drunk girl at a bar before. She got high off of something (drugs, alcohol, life?) and danced around like an idiot. On a stage. The end. Don’t act like you’ve never twerked before, ironically or not. Or maybe tried to twerk alone in your bedroom because you don’t really understand twerking but you want to so you get in front of the mirror and see what it’s all about. Please don’t think about it beyond that.

She’s just being Miley.


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