Can’t Stop Spinning: Mansions “City Don’t Care”

If you already know about the band Mansions and the 2011 record Dig Up the Dead, we’re in a fight now because you never sat me down to demand I give it a listen. There’s a couple reasons why I should’ve heard about this the band by now: Their first two releases were on Doghouse Records, a label I adore mostly because they once signed My Hotel Year, and 2) They have ties to John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run) by way of a 7″ split with him.

To make up for lost time, I’ve been listening to their song “City Don’t Care” on repeat for three hours and counting. In that time, I’ve mentally transported to a place that is tinged with sepia and I’m racing to a beach in a van full of my friends after a night out in Seattle when Nirvana was the big thing but instead we would be more into Sunny Day Real Estate.  The song has many of the touchtones in a rock song that will make me want to put a ring on it: an opening riff that’s as dirty as it is catchy, build-ups that are fast paced without losing melody, and lyrics about heavy hearts, tired ghosts, and being lost in space. If bands were related, Mansions would be the introspective, more masculine sibling of the Silversun Pickups.

Mansions’ Facebook profile states “New Record, New Label, New Everything: 2013” so we’re looking forward for what is to come from the band. We’ll remind you about it when new music is available so you won’t go two years without hearing something that will quickly become your new favorite song. No hard feelings.


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