All The Reasons Why I Have A Crush on Questlove

Real talk. The two ladies behind Brunchcore who bring you bits about underground emo bands, goats, rapper barber shops, and even politics and sports have had an epiphany that we want everyone to realize: You guys, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson is a total babe.

People Questlove(AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

Just look at that face! It’s as if his DNA sequence consulted a protractor in the womb to ensure each feature would be set in the perfect proportion, a subliminal signal to women everywhere who do a double take, “Hey there. You see this? Because it’s what’s up.” He’s more than just a perfect face though. He’s talented, smart, hilarious, and I want to hug him.


He’s prolific. Questlove is the drummer and co-founder of The Roots. The band formed in high school after he became friends with singer-lyricist Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and they entered a talent show and busked on street corners of Philadelphia together. The band completed their line-up and all their hard work led to (so many) more gigs. They have released 16 records in 20 years.

Elvis Costello and Questlove

Their latest record Wise Up Ghost is a collaboration with Elvis Costello that was recorded in their dressing room at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Totally normal.

Questlove DJ

He DJs. This guy is on his feet a lot. A typical set for him is for three to four hours. As a casual observer of his Twitter feed, I noticed last weekend he DJed three days in a row in different cities: a lunch set in New York, a nightclub in Boston, and an Emmy Award after party in Los Angeles. Last weekend I watched a Cosby Show marathon in my pajamas for more hours than it takes to fly cross country and since I didn’t want to leave the house for food I put peanut butter on a waffle, folded it, and called it a brunch taco.

Questlove Studio

He’s a producer. Questlove has had his hands on tracks for Common, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Jay Z, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Jill Scott. You get it. The common thread among every project he touches is they all have a timeless nuance to it. It’s to be sipped and savored to fully experience its flavor and is as complex as it is approachable. Also, with a list like that, it goes on to further prove the influence Questlove has on his peers. I imagine him being that one friend you go to for advice when no one else understands what you’re going through and hence why some of the most revered people in the game go to Questlove to (alright stop) collaborate and get inspired.

Questlove Book

He’s an author. Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove is his first book. Read, read, read it. It’s conversational, it recommends many essential records, and is full of anecdotes from an arsenal of adventures that’s his life. My favorite thing about reading is being able to jump in the brain of the writer and get a glimpse into their world. With Questlove telling the stories, you’re there for every laugh and lesson. There’s also a section of his baby pictures if you needed more “awe’s” in your life.

Questlove Professor

He’s a college professor. Yep. Questlove teaches a “Topics in Recorded Music: Classic Albums” course at New York University along with Harry Weinger (Universal Music’s VP of A&R). When class is in session, a group of lucky students study a range of albums from Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall to Prince’s Dirty Mind and Led Zeppelin’s IV. Essential.

questlove hybird

He’s an entrepreneur. Hybird is a restaurant located in Chelsea Market in New York City that is a venture between Questlove and partner Stephen Starr (the man behind Morimoto and Buddakan). The signature item on the menu is a $2 piece of friend chicken called “Love’s Drumstick.” Let’s all take a moment to step the fuck back to appreciate the puns that are happening here. “Hybird” is a wordplay on “hybrid”, “bird” referring to the place serving chicken. Next, I have nothing but the slow clap Will Smith’s character did after he found out he got a job at the end of The Pursuit of Happyness because there is a menu item called “Love’s Drumstick.” Get it yet? He’s Questlove and he plays the drums. (This is me dropping a bottle of hot sauce like it’s a mic and walking away.)

He’s hilarious. (I mean, he seems hilarious. We’re not friends in real life. Unless Questlove wants to follow me on Twitter where we can become acquaintances.) It’s Friday at 6 o’clock so here’s a shortcut guide on how to find him online and see the fun for yourself: Twitter, Facebook, InstagramVine.

Besides his face and brain and all around persona, this is also why I want to hug him. (Click on the photo to see the article.)

Questlove Village Voice Headline Questlove Spin Headline Questlove Rolling Stone Headline

Also, feelings. 

Questlove Instagram - Feelings

Update: Then, thanks to the glory of the Internet, this happened. 🙂
questlove twitter brunchcore


3 thoughts on “All The Reasons Why I Have A Crush on Questlove

  1. Um i totally agree with your super astute assessment, but, uuummm, why are you eying my man? I have been ringing the questlove love bell for some time and I need you to back off!! 🙂 No seriously though, I’m am so glad that you see all the great and amazing things that make this man the dopest and most brilliant brother around, and I love that you put these good vibes out into the universe!!

    I read his beautiful and honest feeling about his blackness in the wake of the trayvon martin verdict and i was struck by how eloquently he was able to express the realities of racism, sexism, and class-ism (not really a word i don’t think) in our country and how the very act of making a place for yourself in the world is made more difficult simply by trying to live authentically. In that article he put in perspective that black men are stigmatized, polarized, and marginalized in a way that makes the multifaceted genius Questlove exhibits in every aspect of his life extraordinary and special because he had the gumption to attack life in an authentic and creative space maintaining his pride, and contributing so greatly culturally to the zeitgeist.

    Also im a professional chef and his culinary love is a way more shallow but, of parallel importance for my crush so yeah, you can crush and let the world know how amazing our guy is, but yeah i have my eye on you!!

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